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Lucky Patcher analyzes the List of installed Apps on the Device & indicates the actions you can carry out, among which you'll find the Possibility to Remove the License Verification included on many Apps that require them to be Downloaded from Google Play to work; modify the associated Permissions, Extract the APK & much more

As we are growing in technology, everything has become digital. You will hardly find any user who does not use the smartphone. With the phone comes numerous applications that are found to make your life easy. But there is a problem with some of these apps. The once that are free is loaded with tons of advertisement (or ads) which is really annoying as they pop up anytime, anywhere. To get these remove or to get more features you need to pay. While some application you feel that should be paid while others you don’t. Well, here we have brought you an application that does what you exactly dreamt and thought. Lucky Patcher APK application that can help you remove ads and get you the same app for free – The Lucky Patcher by ChelPus.

What is Lucky Patcher?

ChelPus has made an application with which you can override some applications license agreement or modify them using different patch codes like removing Google ads or removing in-app purchase so you could make it free. There are endless features that this app comes with. This app is what we call the Lucky Patcher apk.

Lucky Patcher by Chelpus

Price: Lucky Patcher app is utterly Free of Cost. It does not have any in-app purchase.

Platform: Lucky Patcher by ChelPus is for Android Operating system. It, however, can be used for IOS and Blackberry BB10 using a specific format.

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Features: Here we will be discussing what Lucky Patcher by ChelPus has to offer to you.

  • Mod Google Play: Tired of games or application that you want to use but was prevented as you have to pay money to use it. Lucky Patcher by ChelPus ensures that never happens. When your mod your Google Play Store, any apps that require you to pay before you install will be gone. Just click on the green install button, and you will be done.

After your mod the google play store you might see the amount, but do not worry. When you click the button, instead of going to the payment page, you will be directed to back, and the application will download and get installed.

  • Remove Licence Verification: Sometimes due to some license agreement, you cannot use the application as you want to use them. These agreements prevent you from doing the work you want to do, and in turn, you delete your favorite app. With this Lucky Patcher apk, this has become history. You can remove the license agreements and use it as you please it.
  • Remove In-app purchase: If you have played games or use some apps from Google store, then you surely have come across where you have to pay actual money to get some features in case of application or buy some coins to advance in a game. If you do not want to pay, what will you do? Delete the game? No, with Lucky Patcher app, you can now remove the in-app purchases and use it for free without making any payments.

  • Add Custom Patch: Lucky Patcher apk is not about only doing some specific task. It gives you to freedom to modify any application on Android as you want. With this Lucky Patcher apk feature, you can add any modification as you like. Just save the patch on your phone and using Lucky Patcher app apply the patch on the application and modify it.
  • Move Apps to SD card: Many smartphones allow you only to use its internal memory. If you are low in your memory, then this causes a major problem. But you can definitely remove the problem using the Lucky Patcher app. Just click on the option to transfer the app to SD card, select the folder where you want to save the application’s files, and you will be done.

(Guide) How to Use Lucky Patcher by ChelPus?

Using Lucky Patcher apk is very easy. It has a very simple UI and very easy to use.

Prerequisite: Before you jump to use the Lucky Patcher by ChelPus, you need to root your device. Without Rooting your device, Lucky Patcher app will not be able to work. Rooting a device is very easy, and you can even remove it when you do not need it. There are many apps that can help you root your device like King Root and many others. Just download the application, install them and follow on-screen instruction and you will be done.

Once you have rooted your device and have also downloaded and installed the Lucky Patcher by ChelPus, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Once installed, on first launching the application. It will ask you to grant the superuser Allow the access and tap on Grant button to continue. You can set the time limit for it to have the access or you can give the application permanent access. It depends on how long are you playing to use it.
    Once installed, on first launching the application
  2. On the homepage, you will see the list of all the apps that are installed on your device. You will notice all the apps are color coded. The meaning of color coding is as follows:

On the homepage, you will see the list of all the apps that are installed on your device

    • Green: The app can be registered and disconnected from Google Play.
    • Yellow: Has a specific patch available with the Lucky Patcher apk.
    • Purple: A system start-up application.
    • Blue: Includes Google Advertisements (Ads) which can be removed.
    • Red: Application that cannot be modified.
    • Orange: A system application.
  1. Click on the application that you want to modify. Note that, the different modification is available based on the color coding we discussed above.
  2. Once you click on the application, few options pop in a menu. Here you have different option to move it to SD card from your internal memory. To allow install of patches (modifying the app), click on the option: “Open Menu of Patches.”
    Once you click on the application, few options pop in a menu
  3. Another pop-up menu will come which shows all the modification that is allowed on the application. Here you will see options that we have discussed above like “Remove Google Ads,” for in-app purchase removal you have to click the option: “Support patch for In-app and LVL emulation.” You if have your own custom app then you can apply it by using the “Manual Patcher” option.
    Another pop-up menu will come which shows all the modification that is allowed on the application
  4. Once all the update is done, you can close the Lucky Patcher apk and reboot your device to see the effects.


Lucky Patcher Apk is indeed one of the very fast and optimized applications to modify your apps. Be sure to check for the update of your Lucky Patcher App and keep it up to date as it ensures your modification of the apps is up to date, so you continue to enjoy using the application. There may be other numerous such apps that claim to do what Lucky Patcher apk, but there is nowhere near it.

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